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Art Review: Monster Hunter Tycoon

Art by @TheWizard Straight away when I look at this image, I know exactly what I am looking at, and can make that connection between the image and the title. Although the necessity of this correlation may be obvious, a lot of artists may forget to apply this knowledge...

Art Review: Warrior

Art by @XANZOT (Siro) Marvelous. I was extremely impressed when I saw this piece of work. Great detail has been put into the character's armour, with shading to prove it. The orangey-red shines through the dark helmet which, in my opinion, is genius! A single colour...

Art Review: Assassin

Art by @GFXMachine First, I'd like to address something related to the slight amount of realism you have attempted to implement within your work. This image lacks a full application of depth of field. While the part of the scenery that is further away is blurred out,...

Counter Blox: Roblox Offensive (CB:RO)

Counter Blox: Roblox Offensive (CB:RO)

CB:RO is one of the big name first person shooters on the roblox market, right up there with Phantom Forces, but why is it so successful? CB:RO is the roblox version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), You play on one of two teams, the terrorists (T side),...