Game Update Coverage: The Arcade Arrives

           May 12th, another Pokemon Brick Bronze update, this time it’s the long awaited Golden Pokeball Arcade in Anthian City. Currently there are five games in the arcade with more planned to be released, these include; Alolan Adventure, Whack-A-Diglett, Po-Skee-Ball, Hammer Arm, and Quaza Candy.

           Each game earns you Tix, the old Roblox currency, these can then be exchanged for prizes, these prizes include a slew of “power” items as well as destiny knot, 4 unique Technical Machines (TMs); Phychic, Dragon claw, venoshock, and substitute. As well as 3 unique pokemon and a mega stone, these are; ditto, chansey, and audino, as well as an audinite (audino’s mega stone). The last prize is a mega salamence hoverboard that goes the same speed as the deluxe boards from the hoverboard store Hero’s Hoverboards. There is a “secret prize” you can obtain by reaching 50 score in Alolan Adventure, which is a Shiny Mega Salamence Hoverboard.  (pictured below)

           Now, the machines themselves are all based on real life games. Alolan Adventures is based on flappy bird, and might as well be called “alolanized flappy bird”. Whack-A-Diglett is whack-a-mole except digletts. Po-Skee-Ball is skeeball, not like skee ball, it IS skeeball except with pokeballs. Hammer Arm, ah, who doesn’t love a good old fashioned hammer bell tower carnival game, grab the hammer, swing with all your might, and try to ring it’s bell. Finally there’s Quaza Candy, a good ol’ game of snake, except rayquaza. . . and instead of 8-bit pixel “food” he eats rare candies and levels up. What’s not to love about these amazing new games, except the utter aggravation of trying to get a new high score.

           The next planned update for Brick Bronze is the adventure to Port Decca, this will not include the final gym, as it’s located farther on, meaning it will likely be the climax of the story. We all await the next update with anticipation and bated breath.

Until next time Komune-ists,

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