Zaytones’s Interview


1. What do you do on Roblox, for those who don’t know who you are.

I generally manage cafes, salons, or groups that are around those lines, or at least I use to. I love to build in my spare time and I’ve made a lot of robux for my groups that way. I now generally LMaD (Let’s Make a Deal) or just trade to profit more. Sadly I’ve leaned farther away from my groups, but I will be back and better than ever in the summer.

2. How did you grow your group to 17,000 members?

We were botted a little along the way, but we generally just ran ads, hosted events, and made sure our group was enjoyable for our customers!

3. How do you keep your group members engaged? We all know inactivity is hard to overcome.

Hosting events, constantly hiring staff, and making sure the experience is unique and fun.

4. Why do you think your community is so popular?

Applebee’s has been around for a while, and it’s also a well known restaurant in the real world today, so we definitely have an advantage over others.

5. What’s your influence on the community today?

I feel like I’m almost like a role model for new robloxians, and even older ones. I’m always acknowledged by other users for my success on a daily basis, so I feel like people notice me and try to live up to the standards I have set, which can lead Roblox’s cafe/restaurant community to better itself, as well as the people within it.

6. If you were to randomly retire from Roblox or just want to leave. What is one thing you’d want to offer the community on how to manage a large group such as yours?

Never give up, even when it gets hard or seems impossible. Coming from someone who once lost all his groups and his achieved currency of roughly one million RAP, and still worked himself back to the top, I’ll say it’s possible. Even though some times are difficult others can be easy, never give up and make sure you do what you enjoy in the process, because something run by an unhappy person isn’t a successful venture, it ends up a “cash cow” that you milk until nothing is left.


Zaytone: If anyone wants some tips or has any questions they’d like to ask, they can follow me on roblox and shoot me a message. I’d be more than happy to respond within 24-48 hours.

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