1. What do you do on Roblox?

The majority of my time on ROBLOX is spent developing such as building for Survivor. I really enjoy developing because it allows me to be creative, meanwhile showing others my work and producing some work I’m proud of. Also, from time to time, I work on Hidden Developers and communicate with other members of Hidden Developers over our discord.

2. How did you grow your group to have so many members?

We ran advertisements for Hidden Developers all last year and for our discord, we did a giveaway and got our discord out there by tweeting about it and telling our members about it.

3. How do you keep your group members engaged?

We like to do a QoTD which is generally open ended so there can be multiple answers to a question so it gives the person more freedom to answer. We also do a game jam or hidden developers stream/event every few months.

4. Why do you think your community is so popular?

People enjoy having a safe environment which is moderated by our staff team and playing some games we have created.

5. What is your influence on the community?

I develop for Hidden Developers games, I also have worked with many fellow developers in the ROBLOX community and learned skills over the 5 years I have been on ROBLOX for. I also offer advice when people ask me for advice.

6. If you were to randomly retire from Roblox or just want to leave. What is one lesson you’d want to offer the community on how to manage a large group such as yours?

Keep motivated and do what you think is best for the community, however, you should also allow your community to influence changes and listen to all opinions people have.

Twitter: HeadlessHorror

Group: Hidden Developers

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