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O R I O N (Tutorial in Description) by alanonunez
Orion” <>

1. Could you tell us what do you do in or for the Roblox community?

I do giveaways, host contests, make fanart, and post free character renders for people to use. I also make Roblox art tutorials on my YouTube channel. I’ve helped a lot of people out too.

2. What inspired you to start animating and graphic designing?

Back in 2014, I already knew how to do basic things in Photoshop. One day, I was really bored, so I took a screenshot of a character in Roblox Studio and started editing it. I did it a lot and started enjoying what I was creating, and from that point, I considered myself a Roblox artist.

3. When did you begin to see yourself improve?

At end of 2014, I started doing 3D rendering in Photoshop’s renderer. It was a huge improvement for my previous work. In the middle of 2015, I downloaded Cinema 4D and from there I started to grow exponentially. About 1 month ago is when I really started to improve, my renders started becoming much more clean, and enjoyable to view. I really love my most recent creations.

4. One of your renders got over 500 likes and counting on Twitter. How did that make you feel?

Noob in a bowl.” <>

It made me feel like I am making excellent progress. I made a goal to continuously make art almost everyday. It would help me improve a lot, and so far it has. I loved the feedback from everyone.

5. Doing daily renders must be a challenge when you have other responsibilities. But I’m sure when you started doing that, you began to have more eyes on your work. How long does it take you to make those renders?

It it can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, really depends on the complexity of the scene. The rendering time itself has never been an issue.

6.  In that case, which one of your art took the longest to create? That and, how do you feel when you spend a decent amount of time on a render and you don’t get as much support as you’d like on it?

MUSTAFAR // Immortal Sith Empire” <>

This piece was the longest (2 hours). I didn’t know how to create lava that would look good. After about an hour of playing around with it, I finally managed to get a result that was satisfying for. For renders that don’t get as much support as I’d like is just inspiration for me. It tells me to work harder and make something better.

7. That’s a great way to look at it. From an outsider perspective and from someone who is ignorant on the subject, I’d think renders would take a lot longer to create. Is it because you’re experienced or is it because your renders don’t require a lot of detail?

A little bit of both, mainly because of experience and using Cinema 4d for a long time. If I wasn’t as experienced from it, it would take very long to get a lot of aspects of the renders done. If I was to try recreating those scenes in blender, it would take me about 6-9 hours because I’m not experienced well in it. Stuff is always harder in the beginning, but when you really focus on learning something, it becomes easier to follow it, then it’s easy to create for yourself, but difficult to others.

8. Let’s take a look at one of your pieces of art. With this collaboration, how did you contribute it to it?

O M N I” <>

In that scene, I got the models from Kavaish and wanted to do something cool with them. I did the lighting, texturing, and rendering work for a realistic render.

9. I’m sure you’d be capable of learning how to make those models. With that said, do you ever think you’ll branch out of Roblox art to grow your audience?

Yes, I think I will. I have been learning and practicing 3D modeling and 3D sculpting. I have a few posts on my deviantart where I showcased my entry level 3D modeling skills. I also know how to do abstract art, CG landscapes, sci-fi art, and many other things. In about a year, I plan to grow out of Roblox and focus on growing in those.

10. Who are some of your favorite Roblox graphic designers and render artist?

My favorites are XLR, 9RR, PumpkinWhite, and Tricolor. All are extremely great artists and they have been an inspiration to me ever since I started getting heavily into art.

11. I can see why. They’re all very talented. My last question to you is what do you hope to accomplish with graphic designing and 3D modeling on Roblox and/or for a career?

My real goal is to have enough skill to create a sci fi robot soldier that’s damaged, and standing in the middle of urban post apocalyptic alley with extraordinary detail like of that which you see in a movie, all from scratch. In animating, I want to have enough to skill to recreate a visual like a Halo 5 Trailer. I want to have enough skill to be a freelance artist that is able to make game weapon assets like those in Overwatch or Mass Effect. I hope to and will accomplish these.

To see more of his work, check these sites:

Twitter: @KidVeggito

DeviantArt: alanonunez

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