When thinking of a first person shooter, the game that comes to mind for millions of ROBLOX players is Phantom Forces. Developed by StyLiS studios with head developer litozinnamon, Phantom Forces has been a staple of the ROBLOX front page for months. Released in September of 2015, Phantom Forces has the 2016 Bloxy award for most visits on the PC and is the most popular shooter game on ROBLOX.


     Phantom Forces has kept many users interested over the (almost) three years of its existence, but how?  The answer is unlock-able items. When you first join the game, you are given a few guns to choose from and must either buy the rest or rank up. Most players do not have the funds in order to buy all the guns in the game, so ranking up it is. This continues to bring players out to test out the new guns, cases, skins, and other unlock-able content.


   All guns have custom sounds for shooting, reloading, and the like. The ambient noise gives you a feel of being in an actual war zone, and you get an adrenaline rush from playing if you invest in the game.


Phantom Forces has been a pioneer in development since it first came out. The animations, weapons, and mechanics of the game have continued to improve and test the limits of ROBLOX and the LUA coding language. Game play for Phantom Forces has many elements and layers which must be discovered, and only through playing for hours on end. The controls for the game are simple to understand and allow new players to enter the game without an prior knowledge.


    Creativity is one area where Phantom Forces lacks. The game is a copy of other first person shooters, even if it is better than them. The guns are modeled after real life weaponry and/or weapons from other FPS games. The layout and design of PF as well as the maps are semi-creative, but overall it is another FPS, something that has been on the market for years



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