Despite the criticism of ROBLOX advertised games, Heroes of Robloxia introduced a fairly well-made game that appeals to a wide variety of audiences. From the battling against villains with friends to the PVP, this game has a variety of options to introduce a new type of advertised game.




  Heroes of Robloxia lacks in replayability. Although the game has a great storyline, the replayability of the game is very low. After the main missions, the game seems to lose its touch. Playing through the main missions is fairly fun testing out each power and working with your friends to defeat the evil foe, but after the main missions, the only thing left is to replay the main missions or do PVP. PVP is an alternative, but playing it is very bland and it seemed to have no purpose. The replayability of the game, in conclusion, lacked greatly.


  The sounds of the game seemed to fit very well. Hearing the punching noises and the music fitting for each and every situation from the HQ to the boss battle with Darkmatter is pleasing to the player.


  The gameplay of the game seemed very limited. Although this game differed greatly from some of the past events, the main missions seemed to be too easy and lacked challenge. This, in explanation, was probably to appeal to a younger audience; however, it did take away some of the possible content the game could have had. The missions were very interesting and it’s fun to work alongside friends to take down each mini boss and Darkmatter himself. The PVP lacked greatly in content as while playing it seems as if it is endless and has no goal. There is no kill or death count anywhere to be seen and just seems to be an endless fight, which causes it to lose appeal.


  Despite the other sections lacking content, the game’s creativity was exceptional. The main missions had a great amount of content in them and differed each time in a new setting and with a new boss until fighting Darkmatter, who leaves a surprise that the other bosses cannot compete with. Saving the city is satisfying and allows for a closing ending that allows any player to be happy. With many characters that were designed by the creators themselves and many maps to play through, the creativity is exceptionally high compared to past advertised ROBLOX games.

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