Hexorium Interview

1.  What do you do on Roblox?

I develop games.

2. What type of games do you develop?

Games with a repeatable play to them. Stuff that doesn’t get boring after a while. Miner’s Glory was my first and so far it’s been a big hit.

3. For those who don’t know (like me), what is Miner’s Glory?

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It’s a fun mining game where you collect ores, sell them, unbox skins and more coming soon (enchanting and bases.)

4. Interesting. What other types of games have you made or are interested in making?


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Well, right now we’re developing a clicker type game called ROClix. In the future we’re hoping to develop something very original that hasn’t been done before, but we still have to think of ideas haha.

5. When you say “we’re,” I’m assuming you’re a part of a game development team. Would that be correct?

Yeah. I’m the founder & lead developer of Hexorified Development.

6.  How do you go about leading your development team?

I’m very respectful towards my developers. If they need time off from development, they can definitely have it. Setting deadlines isn’t something we really do, as it rushes us and we want our updates to be perfect.

7. What is the game design progress like? How do you guys decide on what to put in game. Game design, building style, animations, art style, coding and even marketing.

Usually, the developers of that certain game get into a call. We say ideas, write them down and see what the community think. The community is going to receive the update, so even they should have a word in.

8. What games do you enjoy playing? And what developer makes games that you think are quality and fun?

I enjoy games like Miner’s Haven & Treelands due to the replayability. Personally, NewFissy is my idol because his games, Treelands and ROBLOX Plague were just amazing. He was one of the developers who got me into developing on ROBLOX.

9. Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you?

Well, if anyone is reading this and has been diagnosed with a life changing illness – it doesn’t stop you doing anything. As an asthmatic and diabetic in real, I thought it stopped me from a lot of things – but it didn’t. Keep strong and keep motivation.

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