Game Review: Pokemon Brick Bronze


  When hearing the words “ROBLOX” and “Pokemon” used in the same sentence, one game most likely pops straight into mind. That game is none other than Pokemon Brick Bronze. Lead by two of the great developers on ROBLOX, lando64000 and tbradm worked together along many other creators to create the masterpiece that is called Brick Bronze. Brick Bronze was started in 2016 and won three Bloxy awards for Favorite Breakout Game, Game of the Year, and Highest Rated. It arguably deserved all of these awards with the amount of time, effort, and strategy that went into this game.


  Although some might argue that Pokemon Brick Bronze’s replayability is fairly low, it’s kept a great amount of its players from when it was in early access to today. Brick Bronze allows for a great amount of replayability by having a main storyline that players can complete, but also allowing the options to catch special pokemon in the wild such as legendaries, shinies, and Pokemon with hidden abilities and desired stats. Players can also test their skills against others in the Battle Colosseum, and trade Pokemon with other players at the Trade Resort. With all of these activities and the huge challenge to “Catch ‘Em All”, it’s hard to run out of things to do with Pokemon Brick Bronze.


The music for every situation fits perfectly from battling a rival to exploring a dark forest. Additionally, each individual asset tends to have their own sounds to make the game feel official.


  Pokemon Brick Bronze introduced a new level of “impressive” for ROBLOX gameplay, sounds, and designed. It is obvious that the developers of this game put in a great amount of strategy to make this game the impressive piece it is today. From custom composers to UIs to the building, everything about this game gives off a classic Pokemon vibe, but also adds in a creative touch that most Pokemon games tend to lose. 


  Although the idea may not be original, as mentioned in the gameplay, the developers in Pokemon Brick Bronze worked hard to give the game its own creative vibe and also give off a new and interesting story that hasn’t been done before by any of the Pokemon games yet. Pokemon may have been done before, but this game is a new experience which combines many of the positives from previous Pokemon games to give off a new environment that is pleasing to the user. A new adventure was drafted by the developers themselves, and they made many changes to the original idea such as allowing users to use hoverboards instead of bikes, and allowing pokemon from different regions to be caught all in one adventure. Brick Bronze has many events that occur seasonally that have their own stories and ways of getting them in the game. Overall, these ideas and many more make the game great.

Final Score:  ★★★★★

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