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  ROBLOX is a very complex platform empowering users to earn virtual currency by the means of providing a product. Mostly on ROBLOX we see businesses (groups) like clothing stores, roleplaying, food and beverage, etc. However with the growth of the advertisement market, games, and other developmental ventures, graphic design is ever so present.

There is a striking population of Graphic Designers on ROBLOX, and it can be hard to be seen out from the crowd of Graphic Designers. Yes, there are some that do streamlined modern graphics, that nearly look the same to others, and they make great funds, however this is not recommended. You want to have your own style, your own graphic personality. Why? Because you want to fill a gap in the graphics market, thus when a client is looking for graphics that ‘fall into’ that gap, you are there to collect.

Aside from the graphics, you want to market yourself publicly. This can mean attaining a Twitter and uploading your work, tweeting about your work, and finding work. It is very beneficial to have a group that is the analogical home base for your graphics business. Here you can have T-Shirts in the group store for payments, have a great looking logo for customers to see, and make shouts according to current news on your growing business.

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Getting orders is the entirety of being a Graphic Designer on ROBLOX. I can’t stress how important it is to at first, search for your orders. Orders won’t come to you until you’ve built yourself a name. Some might advertise their group, but really, the more effective thing to do is join a discord like Hidden Developers because in that discord is where developers post jobs that need to be done. It is also recommended to have some sort of Ordering System, whether that is a ordering GUI you found or a Trello, etc. Be sure to have an advertisement (or do it yourself at first to save on money) message these people upon ordering to show that you really do care about their order and that you’ve made note on it.

Lastly, make sure that you are a responsible designer, meaning, don’t take part in scamming, theft, etc. Be the designer that everyone wants to use because of your kindness, dependability, and outright skill. Don’t take to shameful business practices, be an example to other developers in the community.

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