Art Review: Eternal

“Eternal” by AscendantRBLX 

Firstly, I’d like to compliment the artist for use of grass. That is something often missing in even the higher class renders. I must also compliment the model work used and the reflections. On the subject of model (though I don’t know if you created it or not) there are apparent seams and it has some questionable detailing. Depth-of-field is used well, and provides much needed focus on the (what I presume) is the leader. With that, the use of cloth to symbolize the status is a nice touch. Furthermore, the diversity of weapons adds character, though I find the posing to be rather bland and the lack of ground variation (ie. not a plane) takes away from what I feel would be a superb battle picture. Lighting is good, though it could be a little diversified and some better shading would be nice, try to make reflections less perfect (blurry). Regardless, with some model touch-up and a little more effort into layout, I think this piece is well done. It is not perfect, but it is manages to show a lot of action even though it is static. Excellent work.




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