Art Review: Assassin

Art by @GFXMachine


First, I’d like to address something related to the slight amount of realism you have attempted to implement within your work.
This image lacks a full application of depth of field. While the part of the scenery that is further away is blurred out, the closer elements remain the same, leaving the DoF unbalanced and therefore inadequate. This way, you have not made the character the absolute prime focus of the image.

Secondly, I’d like to point out this very, irritating fact that caught my eye when I initially saw this image.
The ground textures are visibly stretched and flat. There is no variation of terrain on the ground, making the surface flat, which would be unexpected for a rocky, snowy, or any terrain. This should be fixed as it destroys the quality of the image entirely.

Now, to talk about the main subject of the image;
The character’s lighting is decent, with the direction of the sunlight coming from behind, the shadow placement is adequate. My only problem with this character is that he doesn’t seem to fit in the with ground (which is most likely to be the result of a poorly handled terrain, with stretching textures), the character’s feet are dark and less affected by the light, the ground should have a larger shadow for the foot than it has.

I cannot comment thoroughly on the background as it has been blurred out, but it seems detailed and of great quality.

This work would have been top notch if that detail (the ground) was given the attention it should have had.



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