Art Review: Warrior

Art by @XANZOT (Siro)



I was extremely impressed when I saw this piece of work. Great detail has been put into the character’s armour, with shading to prove it.

The orangey-red shines through the dark helmet which, in my opinion, is genius! A single colour to contrast the monochromatic image, great application of the famous “colour popping” technique that many professional artists use. Although, I would suggest the lessening of the glow, as it creates a less effective type of lighting. For example, on the left tusk, because of the glow, the whole tusk seems to have been affected in the same way by the lighting, thus creating a less detailed image. Besides that minor detail, the rest of the helmet’s shading is stupendous.

The body and its armour, very well done. This is the most visible part of the image; it has to be the most quintessential section of the image, the most faultless and concisely drawn. You have assured that it possesses each of these characteristics. There is nothing more to be said if it is not to congratulate you for the work you have put into this image.

This background isn’t the prime focus of the image. It blends well with the character (due to the fact that both of them are monochromatic) which is the only thing that matters when the section is only present to complete the scene.The background is decent and serves its purpose.


The comparison between the original render and the final image is polar. A tremendous amount of work and time has been put into this image and it shows as we cycle through the process of creation.

Before I end, the one thing that slightly disappointed me was the image size. Although there is not a noticeable lack of quality, the size of this image should be larger for flexibility. We could use the example of adding this to a web page such as this one or adding the image to a slideshow with images of higher resolution. This issue is more technical and, in this specific case, did not create an image with lesser quality.

All of this work is customised and created manually (maybe with the exception of the hats and/or sword) and creates a visually appealing scenery, with the dynamic flow from the character to the complementary elements. There is no defined light source, meaning that in this scene, light is distributed equally, with the background and the render. You have provided well-defined differences in distance, using shading to an exceptional manner, and rather than defining the prime subject/focus of the image with DoF (blurring out certain areas ) you have been imaginative by using the smoke from the background to cover the areas around the character, which emphasises this dynamic flow from the background to the main character.

This art is aesthetically pleasing, and I would like to congratulate you for it, outstanding work!






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