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1) Could you guys introduce yourselves?

asimo3089: I’m asimo3089, I’ve been on Roblox for around nine years now and I’ve always been into building. It was the first thing I tried out when installing Roblox!

badcc: Hi, I’m badcc, I programmed both Volt and Jailbreak. I joined Roblox in January of 2009, and picked up scripting quickly after joining

2) Great, so you guys have been on the site for quite a while. When did you, badcc, decide to start scripting? When did you asimo3089, decide to start building?

badcc: Within the first year for sure, I don’t know when. I found some tycoon kit and discovered I could make my money like infinite and I was hooked. It felt so powerful, and I’ve loved it ever since

asimo3089: I began building before I played a game on Roblox. I started out with minigames and physically simulated coasters. I eventually moved to Showcase building which helped me a ton at getting good at building. I’ve always loved making stuff.

3) I think it’s great that two talented people linked up because not only is it easier to communicate, you guys work pretty fast considering the weekly updates for Jailbreak as of now. Before we get into that though, how did you guys meet and how do you work together to get things done?

asimo3089: We met years ago with me. . .

Talk about a cliffhanger.

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