1. For those who don’t know who you two are, could you introduce yourselves and what you do?

Ian: I’m Ian, the primary pixel artist, game designer, developer and 50% of Skydevilpalm.

Aidan: The other half is Aidan, the chief creative director, producer and “idea guy”.

2. Developing a game with your brother must work out very well. How is it making games with him?

Ian: Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention our monkey butler, chip chip. Kidding! Wish we had a monkey butler tho.

Ian: It’s awesome to be working with someone like your brother, since we both had the same upbringing, our minds are very alike and we’re able to bounce ideas and concepts off of each other very easily. But when we disagree on something, things can get violent. Haha.

3. So how long have you guys been making games? That and how many games have you actually made?

Ian: We’ve been officially making games for a little over a year now, but for a few years before that we were making levels and our own small games using the level editor in Little Big Planet. We’re currently working on our debut game King’s Keep, which we started back in November of 2016.

Little Big Planet is where I got my start with making pixel art, designing levels and making game logic. We were pretty active in . . .

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