jesse0135 – Animator;

“I’m jesse0135 and I make animations for EoO. I also sometimes work on lighting. I try to make my animations and lighting as realistic as possible.

BSlick – Audio Designer; 

“Bobby Yarsulik (BSlick), is a composer/producer based out of Kansas, USA. He has 22 years of piano under his belt, as well as 10 years of music production experience. He has his Certification of Recording Arts, and has experience in recording/mixing/mastering audio; all of which come into play in an important way when working on all of his composing projects. He is a new face and doesn’t have a well known name in the Roblox Dev world, but plans to quickly fix that.


SolidBlocks – Owner;

“Hey! What’s up? It’s SolidBlocks, you know, those things you walk on! Just kidding. I’m the owner of this project and the corresponding development group called ‘Universal Development’ (aka. UniDev) and alongside DriftingInTheWind and the developers we’ll make some epic games on ROBLOX!”




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