Art Review: Monster Hunter Tycoon

Art by @TheWizard


Straight away when I look at this image, I know exactly what I am looking at, and can make that connection between the image and the title. Although the necessity of this correlation may be obvious, a lot of artists may forget to apply this knowledge when working, so you’ve already earned some brownie points here.

Right, now to talk about the ACTUAL image. When I decide to try and take a look into the selectively foggy/cloudy background I notice pine trees are being used, so I would guess this is a “forest” scene, which doesn’t complement the lighting which would typically be set for scenes such as barren wastelands or sand dunes (because of the sandy, yellow tinge in the fog).

Something else I noticed was how the base of the dragon’s neck disappears into nothing, while the treetops are still visible in that same part of the image.
The dragon’s head is extremely large, yet the body and neck are completely hidden by those trees? Reminds me of a T-Rex (large head, small body) except this one breathes fire and has an invisible neck.


This criticism doesn’t mean that I didn’t like how the dragon fits into the scene. If we view the difference between the render and the final image, the amount of photo-bashing, model smoothing and general post-work put into this is astounding! The textures transformed the image from an amateur’s work to an artist’s piece, not many Roblox graphic designers are capable (or demonstrate the capability) of doing so. Another point for originality.. although I think the lighting on the top of the head and the bottom of the mouth make the dragon seem more like a Chinese new year paper puppet. Those areas could have been more developed, showing a variation of lighting.


You have successfully manipulated the two individual renders into the scene, using almost appropriate lighting.
The way the flame’s emission affects the character is appropriate, but the flame itself could have been better manipulated to fit more accurately with the scene. The gun’s laser could have also affected its target.

Your choice of font is adequate and the size of your signature could have been a bit larger (for your own sake of watermarking, but that’s just me).
Overall, it is an interesting composition that displays many skills you possess. Ultimately, my advice to you is to keep at it! This may as well be a milestone in your career as an artist and I’d love to see more work like this from you, and possibly others.
I wish the best of luck to you as you progress in the creation of art, keep it up!







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