TreeLands Beta is a game made by Fissy Games, it is currently in paid beta for 25 robux, with no official public release date.


TreeLands Beta is a mix of tycoon and build a base with a few interesting twists. There are two different currencies you earn, silver, and gold, both of which can be earned relatively easily. To get silver you go out and gather fruit to sell, some fruits are worth more, some are worth less. To get gold you build harvesters at your tree base, many of these harvesters have to be unlocked by selling enough of the corresponding fruit, whether that be watermelons, oranges, peaches, or even red crystals.

Once you have enough gold or silver you can buy a vehicle to help you progress through the game, then you can upgrade your vehicle with silver, or buy a better one, there’s vehicles ranging from a “lil buggy” to a “dump truck”. Once you get a lot of gold and silver you can really start to customize your tree house, it can be up to 10 stories, and wrap all around the tree, it can be as simple and low end or as complex and fancy as you want. If you feel like you’ve run out of things to do, then you can more than likely go and talk to Suhreen in the 2nd floor of the sell center, and he’ll give you a mission to do, collect X amount of fruit, do this and you can get some rare fruits. Be warned though, Suhreen doesn’t like noobs, if you haven’t sold 300 fruit yet he’ll give you this line “Apples are to Durians as you are to me, come back when you’re better”. The rare pomelo is ONLY obtainable from trading with Suhreen and has a 97% survival rate for the growbeds, and last 9 days, so they’re amazing for farming.

Speaking of farming, there’s also a rudimentary farming system called growbeds, you start with three of them and that’s all you get there’s no way to obtain more, you toss a fruit in the growbed and it will sink into the soil and start to grow. Each fruit has individual stats about it’s survival rate, how many fruit per day it bears, and how many days it’ll last before dying. The rarer a fruit the less likely it will survive.

Overall TreeLands is a relatively simple game that is surprisingly addictive, I’m looking forward to the full release and we hope to see all of you guys there!

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