Already with numerous entries, the #RobotBuildingContest has been inspiring Roblox builders, of all levels of experience, to create robotic content for the DreamWorks Netflix Series, Voltron Legendary Defender.

The announcement gave simple specifications for content creators, to design and submit! There were no standards to be upheld or limits to creativity, leaving people to create original robots, with unique concepts!

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What’s the whole hype about?

The reason so many different builders are participating in this high-tech competition is the prize that Roblox is donating to all confirmed participants. No matter the quality of the submission, all verified participants (on September 7th) will be granted an exclusive virtual item!

How does it work?

Out of all the entries,  3 winning models will be selected by Roblox, and publically announced on September 5th for users to start voting. After voting closes on September 11th, the most voted model will be posted onto the Roblox Catalog as a free accessory for all users to obtain!

Now that you have all the info, what are you waiting for? Participate!

Click any of the images to view info on their creators and links to their models. If you would like to see more content, just follow #RobotBuildingContest on twitter!

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