Roblox on Track to Pay $30 Million to Developers

Roblox is on track to payout $30 million to developers using DevEx. This is the highest its ever been with a 10x increase on last years payout and it looks like it could rise even higher in years to come.

DevEx (short for Developer Exchange) is a system Roblox uses to give developers real-world currency in return for their robux. It was started in order to motivate more people to create games on Roblox. Roblox want as many people to use DevEx as possible but there are a few requirements that everyone has to meet in order to apply for it.

The requirements are:

  • You have to be a member of OBC.
  • You have to be on good terms with Roblox.
  • You have to have a verified email address.
  • You must have a valid paypal account.
  • You have to show a valid W-9 (US Resident) or a W-8 (Non-US Resident) tax form.

DevEx has been running since 2013. Within 3 months of the program starting it payed out a massive $46, 550 to developers. Then in 2015 is payed out a massive $2.5 million to developers. That shocked everyone. Roblox kept surprising
us when the next year they gained even more and gave out $5.5 million. So it’s no surprise that its big news that they are going to pay out $30 million to developers this year.

With all that in mind what does that mean about the future of DevEx and could it rise even higher in years to come? 2017’s payout is going to be 10x larger than 2016’s payout and with the amount it goes up by increasing every year what will it be next year. I for sure can’t wait to find out.

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