The 5th Annual Bloxy Awards are now on sale here. The theater is made special every year by a group chosen by Roblox. This year that group was Nocturne Entertainment. The four developers in Nocturne are; Fractality, StuntDesigner, BAUER102, and Ravenshield. The last developer of Nocturne is the owner of Nocturne DieSoft.

The theatre will hold over 5000 Robloxians and is the biggest theatre ever used for the Bloxy Awards with tickets pricing ranging from 500 R$ to and exorbitant 50,000 R$. The seats are priced based on location, with more expensive seats being “better quality” as judged by Nocturne.

There will be a live red carpet event for the Bloxys live on Friday, February 16th at 3 PM Pacific Standard Time. The Bloxys themselves will air live on Saturday, February 17th, at 12 PM Pacific Standard Time.

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