Interview with a Dynamic Ship Simulator Developer!

Dynamic Ship Simulator; abbreviated DSS; is the leading Roblox Ship Simulator Game. The game is an open world ship simulator and has countless unique and interesting boats. The founder of this game is CaptainMarcin and the lead developer is Duegann. The following is an interview with Duegann.

How did you find out about DSS?

I was out of work after quitting the Wings of Glory 2 development team, and I don’t actually remember how I found DSS, but I got addicted.

Is it a challenge developing DSS?

Not at all, the community is really loving and supportive and they love just about any update we do. But I have motivational issues, so sometimes it takes months for even one new ship.

What is it that you like about boats and ships?

I’m from the home of the Royal Navy – Portsmouth, so it comes quite naturally that I’m into ships. My family is heavy on maritime influence, so just about anything to do with a ship I love.

What tools do you use to develop for DSS?

I use ROBLOX Studio, but we’ve started getting into FREE!Ship and Blender.

What would be your best tip to anyone wanting to get into developing ships in ROBLOX?

No matter how bad you are at making ships keep trying. Practice, practice, then practice some more. I was terrible when I first started, but every build I learned something new, and I’m still learning to this day.

How big is the DSS community?

7 million users on Dynamic Ship Simulator 2 and 1.5 million on Dynamic Ship Simulator 3.

What is your favourite vessel in the game at the moment?

In the game has to be my Tamar class, but soon we’re adding the G2 class which will be my favourite.

The recent update of a fireboat was quite sudden. Who thought of the idea and had it been in the works for a while before people found out?

I had little to no involvement in the Fireboat, and it was planned maybe a week before work started on it. Marcin did almost everything about the fireboat, but our senior moderator Scriptoral did work to make the hoses better.

How would you describe your relationship with CaptainMarcin?

It’s a very work-related relationship, almost everything we talk about is about DSS, but I’d count us as friends because we do speak about different subjects sometimes. I’m the one who likes to have the crazy ideas like adding six more islands, and he’s the one who tells me why it won’t work.

Dynamic Ship Simulator 3 is a truly amazing game. It’s so unique, every time you play the game you meet new people and find new places and boats. Make sure you go and have a look at the game. Thank you to Duegann for doing this interview with us!

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