Komune Media Logo Revamp Contest


Komune is looking for a revamp of our current logo and we want the Roblox graphic design community to help us with that. Test your skills by making our new logo!




1st Place: $10 via Paypal and a feature on Komune Magazine Issue #3

2nd Place: Feature on Komune Magazine Issue #3

3rd Place: Feature on Komune Magazine Issue #3

Last Day: September 2nd, 2017



  1. The logo must be 100% original
  2. Artist and graphic designers are allowed to participate
  3. Logo should be 400 x 400
  4. Multiple submissions are allowed



This is not required, but we’d like a logo that incorporates a globe in some way along with a “K””



Simply tag @KomuneMediaย on Twitter with your submissions



“Mast” Development Progress

Mast is a game being development byย Michael Savchuk. He’s a game developer and an artist. Mast is going to be a in which players battle with ships and participate in trading of goods.

You can currently test the game and its mechanics in very early development.

DanTDM Hits 16,000,000 Subscribers

DanTDM has hit a new milestone of 16,000,000 subscribers as announced on his Twitter and fans are going crazy! Even when your subscriber count is in the millions, another million is always great to see because it means more people can view your content and be entertained.

Make sure you subscribe to him and get him to 17,000,000 and beyond!

ALONE – Official Trailer #2

ALONE – Official Trailer #2

ALONEย is post-apocalyptic RPG where players a have the freedom to roam the map as you please. You’ll encounter monsters throughout game and sometimes you’ll have to deal with them and other players trying to fight you. You can get early access to the game by purchasing it for R$100.The game is being scripted by filiptibell and being built by michaelvanderfin.

Here is the stunning second official trailer they’ve released:


Jailbreak Reaches 80,000 Concurrent Players

Jailbreak Reaches 80,000 Concurrent Players

Header by @fedoragfx

Today @badcc reports that Jailbreak has surpassed their previous record of 75,000 concurrent players by 5,000. The game continues to grow bigger and bigger as YouTubers and the Roblox community play and support the game. This is most likely due to them taking game update suggestions, on their trello, from the community and implementing them on a weekly basis. Let’s see what they can accomplish by the end of the year.