Counter Blox: Roblox Offensive (CB:RO)

Counter Blox: Roblox Offensive (CB:RO)

CB:RO is one of the big name first person shooters on the roblox market, right up there with Phantom Forces, but why is it so successful?

CB:RO is the roblox version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), You play on one of two teams, the terrorists (T side), whose goal is to plant and detonate a bomb at one of two bomb sites (or hold/defend their hostages). or the counter-terrorists (CT) whose goal is to defend the bomb sites (defusing a bomb if need be) or to rescue a hostage from the clutches of the terrorists. Although both sides and both game modes (bomb site and hostage rescue) you can also win by eliminating the entire enemy team, as each player only gets one life per round. Each team can have up to 8 members, for up to 16 players a server.

There are 8-15 rounds total in CB:RO depending on how well each team does, each round won by a team gives that team a point on the scoreboard, the first team to eight points wins that match. On top of keeping track of how many wins each team has the game also keeps track of how many kills and deaths each player has (their KDR or Kill Death Ratio).

There is a diverse range of weapons to buy, from assault rifles (ARs) and snipers to shotguns and Light Machine Guns (LMGs), as well as an assortment of pistols. On top of a wide range of diverse weapons there are also some weapons only purchasable on one side, for instance both sides have a scoped automatic ARs, but the CTs’ have the AUG to the Ts’ SG553. They are both scoped ARs but they have their differences. This is not to say you CAN’T get an SG553 as a CT, you just have to grab one from the ground after someone with it has been eliminated/has bought a different weapon, same with all the other side specific guns.

It should be noted that the first round of every match is called the “pistol” round, due to the fact that you get 800 starting cash, which is enough to buy any pistol, but not enough for the cheapest primary (the Mac-10, T side exclusive, 1050 cash).

There are also items besides guns you can buy, such as 3 types of grenades and two pieces of armor. The three grenades are Smoke, Frag, and Flash-Bang. Smoke grenade is exactly what it says, throw it and you get a cloud of smoke to obscure anything behind or in the smoke, Frag is an explosive that deals damage if they’re caught in it’s blast, and Flash-Bang is another that’s exactly what it says, throw it and it makes a flash and a bang, blinding and deafening anybody who is near/looking at it when it goes off for a short period. The two types of armor are a helmet, and body armor, if you buy just a helmet it’ll cost you 650, while a helmet and body armor (one item) will run you 1000 cash.

At the start of each round you get a set amount of cash depending on if you won or lost the last round, as well as cash for each player you eliminate, this cash can accumulate up to 10,000 if unspent. It can be spent on guns, armor or grenades to get you a full loadout.

A full loadout consists of a primary, a secondary (pistol), helmet/armor, grenades and your knife. You don’t have to have a full loadout, some people will go “eco” and not spend money on anything for the first 1-3 rounds, and save up for their favorite gun as the better weapons (like AWP, Negev, and Auto, which all cost  4-6 thousand) are pricey.

At the end of each match you are awarded CaseCash (unofficial name to differentiate it from in round cash), You get 5 CaseCash if your team lost the match, and 10 CaseCash if your team won the match. As the name suggests CaseCash can be spent on cases which can give you weapon skins (a aesthetic for your gun), or very rarely a different knife from the default knife, such as the karambit.

Once you’ve played for 5 hours, (or bought the trading pass for 50 robux) you can head to the trading area to trade skins/knives with other players, to complete your collection. In CS:GO these skins can also be sold for steam credit, unfortunately that can’t be done on a roblox game as it breaks the TOS (terms of service).

All in all it’s a rather simplistic game to play, but getting good at it?, that’s a whole nother story. In the end it’s a fast paced oddly addicting FPS game.

There is also a small competitive community for CB:RO that competes in tournaments for robux or monetary prizes to the winning teams.

On a side note. CB:RO 2, officially called CB:R (Counter Blox: Remastered) is currently in paid access for beta testing, I’ve played it myself but it’s a little buggy for my tastes at the moment, but will likely be a great game once finished.

Apocalypse Rising 2: The Rundown

Apocalypse Rising 2: The Rundown

So we’ve all heard by now, Apocalypse Rising 2 (AR2) released into paid early alpha for 1,000 robux, on August 4th this past Friday, I (rabitwarior2), bought access and I’m here to tell you about the game, and my take on it.

My first thoughts when I joined AR2 we’re admittedly a little disappointing, the menu is VERY unfinished.
The only thing that really actually has anything of value is the “play” button, the “creator” “settings” and “credits” menus that you scroll through with Q&E are all empty.

Upon hitting the play button is where it turned around, I spawned in on a small very smooth hill, looking at a silo, and my first thoughts were, “holy crap, it’s beautiful moment of silent awe.”
(the following image is not from my first look, it’s just example scenery) AR2Scenery.png

Then I got into the actual game-play and it was mostly downhill from there due to bugs and missing game-play elements. one of the first things I noticed after I stopped enjoying the scenery, was that the health, hunger, and thirst bars were all broken (although this has since been fixed) making everybody essentially god mode-ed, this game breaking bug was fixed relatively quickly. The next negative factor I noticed, was with the ungodly lag of the computer I was using, I was able to easily dupe anything, I found one box of 9 mm rounds, and made it into nine. Also with two players there’s a well known duping method that is fast and easy, making duping an issue in general that will need to be fixed. After this I quickly noticed a lot of other things that weren’t implemented yet or were broken such as fall damage, I jumped off a tall silo and took no damage. Then there’s the “containers” that are supposed to hold loot for dead players, those are confirmed broken by gusmanak, so body looting doesn’t work. Then there’s the infamous door bug every AR2 player has quickly become frustrated with, essentially is makes it so you can no longer open and close doors client side, yet the server side door is still effected, personally this is the most annoying as it makes the game pretty much impossible to play, since you can no longer go into buildings for loot.

Overall right now I’d say Alpha should only be for those who are willing to tolerate the bugs, or are long time AR vets who understand and love the game, this is not something you want to try if you’re not already familiar with the AR mechanics, or are tight on robux, overall I’m rather disappointed in Gusmanak, I would rather have had another week of delay and have the door bug gone and the core mechanics actually working. CURRENTLY, I’d rate the AR2 Alpha at 2/5 stars, it would get a higher rating except for the fact that this is a year of development with a roughly 5 person team. For the amount of game breaking bugs in the game right now I would say except for the true AR fans it’s not worth the 1,000 robux YET.

Once the game improves naturally my opinion of it will as well, I’m looking forward to the finished product.

-Note from Komune: Once AR2 is running smoother we’ll release an AR2 guidebook in a bonus “mini-magazine”, in this guidebook will be the location of the SECRET BUNKER that is location somewhere on the map. For those of you who think you already know about this bunker and are saying “but everybody knows about that, it’s at the lighthouse.”, no it’s not, there’s a second bunker hidden somewhere on the map originally discovered by me (rabitwarior2) and we’re going to show you where it is in the guidebook.

Game Preview: TreeLands

Game Preview: TreeLands

TreeLands Beta is a game made by Fissy Games, it is currently in paid beta for 25 robux, with no official public release date.


TreeLands Beta is a mix of tycoon and build a base with a few interesting twists. There are two different currencies you earn, silver, and gold, both of which can be earned relatively easily. To get silver you go out and gather fruit to sell, some fruits are worth more, some are worth less. To get gold you build harvesters at your tree base, many of these harvesters have to be unlocked by selling enough of the corresponding fruit, whether that be watermelons, oranges, peaches, or even red crystals.

Once you have enough gold or silver you can buy a vehicle to help you progress through the game, then you can upgrade your vehicle with silver, or buy a better one, there’s vehicles ranging from a “lil buggy” to a “dump truck”. Once you get a lot of gold and silver you can really start to customize your tree house, it can be up to 10 stories, and wrap all around the tree, it can be as simple and low end or as complex and fancy as you want. If you feel like you’ve run out of things to do, then you can more than likely go and talk to Suhreen in the 2nd floor of the sell center, and he’ll give you a mission to do, collect X amount of fruit, do this and you can get some rare fruits. Be warned though, Suhreen doesn’t like noobs, if you haven’t sold 300 fruit yet he’ll give you this line “Apples are to Durians as you are to me, come back when you’re better”. The rare pomelo is ONLY obtainable from trading with Suhreen and has a 97% survival rate for the growbeds, and last 9 days, so they’re amazing for farming.

Speaking of farming, there’s also a rudimentary farming system called growbeds, you start with three of them and that’s all you get there’s no way to obtain more, you toss a fruit in the growbed and it will sink into the soil and start to grow. Each fruit has individual stats about it’s survival rate, how many fruit per day it bears, and how many days it’ll last before dying. The rarer a fruit the less likely it will survive.

Overall TreeLands is a relatively simple game that is surprisingly addictive, I’m looking forward to the full release and we hope to see all of you guys there!

Game Update Coverage: The Arcade Arrives

           May 12th, another Pokemon Brick Bronze update, this time it’s the long awaited Golden Pokeball Arcade in Anthian City. Currently there are five games in the arcade with more planned to be released, these include; Alolan Adventure, Whack-A-Diglett, Po-Skee-Ball, Hammer Arm, and Quaza Candy.

           Each game earns you Tix, the old Roblox currency, these can then be exchanged for prizes, these prizes include a slew of “power” items as well as destiny knot, 4 unique Technical Machines (TMs); Phychic, Dragon claw, venoshock, and substitute. As well as 3 unique pokemon and a mega stone, these are; ditto, chansey, and audino, as well as an audinite (audino’s mega stone). The last prize is a mega salamence hoverboard that goes the same speed as the deluxe boards from the hoverboard store Hero’s Hoverboards. There is a “secret prize” you can obtain by reaching 50 score in Alolan Adventure, which is a Shiny Mega Salamence Hoverboard.  (pictured below)

           Now, the machines themselves are all based on real life games. Alolan Adventures is based on flappy bird, and might as well be called “alolanized flappy bird”. Whack-A-Diglett is whack-a-mole except digletts. Po-Skee-Ball is skeeball, not like skee ball, it IS skeeball except with pokeballs. Hammer Arm, ah, who doesn’t love a good old fashioned hammer bell tower carnival game, grab the hammer, swing with all your might, and try to ring it’s bell. Finally there’s Quaza Candy, a good ol’ game of snake, except rayquaza. . . and instead of 8-bit pixel “food” he eats rare candies and levels up. What’s not to love about these amazing new games, except the utter aggravation of trying to get a new high score.

           The next planned update for Brick Bronze is the adventure to Port Decca, this will not include the final gym, as it’s located farther on, meaning it will likely be the climax of the story. We all await the next update with anticipation and bated breath.

Until next time Komune-ists,