Interview with a Dynamic Ship Simulator Developer!

Dynamic Ship Simulator; abbreviated DSS; is the leading Roblox Ship Simulator Game. The game is an open world ship simulator and has countless unique and interesting boats. The founder of this game is CaptainMarcin and the lead developer is Duegann. The following is an interview with Duegann.

How did you find out about DSS?

I was out of work after quitting the Wings of Glory 2 development team, and I don’t actually remember how I found DSS, but I got addicted.

Is it a challenge developing DSS?

Not at all, the community is really loving and supportive and they love just about any update we do. But I have motivational issues, so sometimes it takes months for even one new ship.

What is it that you like about boats and ships?

I’m from the home of the Royal Navy – Portsmouth, so it comes quite naturally that I’m into ships. My family is heavy on maritime influence, so just about anything to do with a ship I love.

What tools do you use to develop for DSS?

I use ROBLOX Studio, but we’ve started getting into FREE!Ship and Blender.

What would be your best tip to anyone wanting to get into developing ships in ROBLOX?

No matter how bad you are at making ships keep trying. Practice, practice, then practice some more. I was terrible when I first started, but every build I learned something new, and I’m still learning to this day.

How big is the DSS community?

7 million users on Dynamic Ship Simulator 2 and 1.5 million on Dynamic Ship Simulator 3.

What is your favourite vessel in the game at the moment?

In the game has to be my Tamar class, but soon we’re adding the G2 class which will be my favourite.

The recent update of a fireboat was quite sudden. Who thought of the idea and had it been in the works for a while before people found out?

I had little to no involvement in the Fireboat, and it was planned maybe a week before work started on it. Marcin did almost everything about the fireboat, but our senior moderator Scriptoral did work to make the hoses better.

How would you describe your relationship with CaptainMarcin?

It’s a very work-related relationship, almost everything we talk about is about DSS, but I’d count us as friends because we do speak about different subjects sometimes. I’m the one who likes to have the crazy ideas like adding six more islands, and he’s the one who tells me why it won’t work.

Dynamic Ship Simulator 3 is a truly amazing game. It’s so unique, every time you play the game you meet new people and find new places and boats. Make sure you go and have a look at the game. Thank you to Duegann for doing this interview with us!

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Imagine this. There are two Roblox game development groups. The owners of the groups are both trying to hire one builder so that they can focus on scripting and not building. Both of the groups get 1 application. The application suggests that the person is serious about developing but doesn’t necessarily have a good skill when it comes to developing. The first group owner reads the application, talks to the person and fires him because he doesn’t want to hire someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. But the second owner does it differently. The second person hires him.


The second owner hires him and decides to mentor him instead of forgetting about him. He sets a goal for that person he has just hired to do in one month. That is to listen to what he says and don’t ignore him, always try your best and keep on going even when the road gets tough. So he shows the new hiree some good building techniques and shows them how to keep motivated. He then asks the hiree to build a small house with the techniques that he just learned on his own in 20 minutes in front of him and to ask for advice if he needs it.


Sure enough, he asks for advice and the owner gives it to him. They build it with time to spare. He then tells them what could happen if they keep their head down and work hard. He tells them how much robux he could make and how many people will play their game if they work hard, quick and professionally and get the game out. Sure they both worked hard for 6 months on the game and released it into beta testing.


Soon enough they had 10,000 concurrent players daily and were breaking Roblox records of robux earned and concurrent players. They were legends of Roblox game development.


Meanwhile, the owner that turned down the application spent ages trying to hire people and by the time he hired someone 6 months had passed. They had lost all their fans that they got who were excited by the game they promised would come out soon and they had lost the motivation to develop.


The moral of this story that everyone has potential, even those who don’t have any experience when they apply to work in your group. Most of the time it will probably take you longer to find an experienced builder who suits your exact needs that it will to mentor someone to your specific needs with no experience and develop a game with you.


There are many ways of mentoring someone but I have done lots of research on mentoring and the best method I have found is:

Giving the person a time limit and a goal and let them know you’re counting on them. – If you give them a time limit and a goal then you will make them want to impress you and they won’t want to let you down. They will work hard to do what you ask them to do and you will get the best out of them.


Train them – There are many ways of training someone. You could show them a good website or youtube channel that has tutorials on that topic and look at it yourself and quiz them after they complete it to check they’re taking the information in or you could teach them yourself and give them your tips and tricks that you know. You could then challenge them to make something in front of you and see if they are using the skills you have taught them. Then you can go over the ones they could have used more often and challenge them again till they use each tip and trick at the perfect time.


Point them in the right direction – Once you think they have learned enough give them a medium-sized project that you can enter into the game and get them to make it in front of you. You could also once again give them a time limit so they don’t spend days on a project. See how they do then give them another thing to make that is slightly more challenging. At this point, you could leave them to their own devices or you could watch them do it again but always make sure that if they ask for advice give it to them and don’t question them. To you, a question may sound stupid but to them, it might not. That could destroy their motivation.


Motivate them – The key to making a good game is being motivated to work on it. If you’re not motivated then you’re not going to work to the best of your ability. A good way to motivate them is to talk to them about how many players could join your game if you work hard and fast and how the fans are relying on you to make this game and make it good. They’re all looking at you. Also, when you motivate them, make sure you speak to them directly by using you and not we. If you use you instead of we then they will think that they have more of a responsibility because it reminds them that it’s their job, not anybody else’s.


If you do this, it will surely lead to success and robux if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Robot Building Contest (Voltron)

Robot Building Contest (Voltron)


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The announcement gave simple specifications for content creators, to design and submit! There were no standards to be upheld or limits to creativity, leaving people to create original robots, with unique concepts!

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