Interview with a Dynamic Ship Simulator Developer!

Dynamic Ship Simulator; abbreviated DSS; is the leading Roblox Ship Simulator Game. The game is an open world ship simulator and has countless unique and interesting boats. The founder of this game is CaptainMarcin and the lead developer is Duegann. The following is an interview with Duegann. How did you find out about DSS? I […]

Ultra Sun and Moon Review and In Depth Look.

Komune Media: Ultra Sun and Moon review. Written by: rabitwarior2    Primary Editor: rabitwarior2 Secondary editor: Officially_MrDev Written and Published: 11/24/17 A week ago today Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon came out for the Nintendo 3DS system of families, I have since played through the entire main game, and the entirety of the after story, […]