Interview with a Dynamic Ship Simulator Developer!

Dynamic Ship Simulator; abbreviated DSS; is the leading Roblox Ship Simulator Game. The game is an open world ship simulator and has countless unique and interesting boats. The founder of this game is CaptainMarcin and the lead developer is Duegann. The following is an interview with Duegann.

How did you find out about DSS?

I was out of work after quitting the Wings of Glory 2 development team, and I don’t actually remember how I found DSS, but I got addicted.

Is it a challenge developing DSS?

Not at all, the community is really loving and supportive and they love just about any update we do. But I have motivational issues, so sometimes it takes months for even one new ship.

What is it that you like about boats and ships?

I’m from the home of the Royal Navy – Portsmouth, so it comes quite naturally that I’m into ships. My family is heavy on maritime influence, so just about anything to do with a ship I love.

What tools do you use to develop for DSS?

I use ROBLOX Studio, but we’ve started getting into FREE!Ship and Blender.

What would be your best tip to anyone wanting to get into developing ships in ROBLOX?

No matter how bad you are at making ships keep trying. Practice, practice, then practice some more. I was terrible when I first started, but every build I learned something new, and I’m still learning to this day.

How big is the DSS community?

7 million users on Dynamic Ship Simulator 2 and 1.5 million on Dynamic Ship Simulator 3.

What is your favourite vessel in the game at the moment?

In the game has to be my Tamar class, but soon we’re adding the G2 class which will be my favourite.

The recent update of a fireboat was quite sudden. Who thought of the idea and had it been in the works for a while before people found out?

I had little to no involvement in the Fireboat, and it was planned maybe a week before work started on it. Marcin did almost everything about the fireboat, but our senior moderator Scriptoral did work to make the hoses better.

How would you describe your relationship with CaptainMarcin?

It’s a very work-related relationship, almost everything we talk about is about DSS, but I’d count us as friends because we do speak about different subjects sometimes. I’m the one who likes to have the crazy ideas like adding six more islands, and he’s the one who tells me why it won’t work.

Dynamic Ship Simulator 3 is a truly amazing game. It’s so unique, every time you play the game you meet new people and find new places and boats. Make sure you go and have a look at the game. Thank you to Duegann for doing this interview with us!

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Hexorium Interview

Hexorium Interview

1.  What do you do on Roblox?

I develop games.

2. What type of games do you develop?

Games with a repeatable play to them. Stuff that doesn’t get boring after a while. Miner’s Glory was my first and so far it’s been a big hit.

3. For those who don’t know (like me), what is Miner’s Glory?


Thumbnail for “Miner’s Glory

It’s a fun mining game where you collect ores, sell them, unbox skins and more coming soon (enchanting and bases.)

4. Interesting. What other types of games have you made or are interested in making?



Thumbnail for “RoClix


Well, right now we’re developing a clicker type game called ROClix. In the future we’re hoping to develop something very original that hasn’t been done before, but we still have to think of ideas haha.

5. When you say “we’re,” I’m assuming you’re a part of a game development team. Would that be correct?

Yeah. I’m the founder & lead developer of Hexorified Development.

6.  How do you go about leading your development team?

I’m very respectful towards my developers. If they need time off from development, they can definitely have it. Setting deadlines isn’t something we really do, as it rushes us and we want our updates to be perfect.

7. What is the game design progress like? How do you guys decide on what to put in game. Game design, building style, animations, art style, coding and even marketing.

Usually, the developers of that certain game get into a call. We say ideas, write them down and see what the community think. The community is going to receive the update, so even they should have a word in.

8. What games do you enjoy playing? And what developer makes games that you think are quality and fun?

I enjoy games like Miner’s Haven & Treelands due to the replayability. Personally, NewFissy is my idol because his games, Treelands and ROBLOX Plague were just amazing. He was one of the developers who got me into developing on ROBLOX.

9. Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you?

Well, if anyone is reading this and has been diagnosed with a life changing illness – it doesn’t stop you doing anything. As an asthmatic and diabetic in real, I thought it stopped me from a lot of things – but it didn’t. Keep strong and keep motivation.

M2Paint Interview

M2Paint Interview

1. Who are you and what do you do on Roblox?

I am M2Paint and I animate, script, and build on Roblox.

2. Why do you choose to do those things on Roblox?

I’ve always wanted to develop a game on Roblox so I spent my time on Roblox learning to script and build. My hobby is animation because it’s just what I like to do.

3. What have you done as a game developer and what do you hope to do?

I’ve done a few scripting for some game developers but now I’m with my own team and we plan to do something big.

4. Could you elaborate more on this? Possibly whom you’ve developed for and what team you’re working with right now?

The people I’ve developed for aren’t really known well however I’ve put together my own team. We are currently working together on the next big Roblox game and we go under the name “goag.” I’m the main scripter and a builder.

5. How good would you say you are as a builder and a scripter and how do you hope to improve?

I’d same I’m a pretty good builder and a great scripter. The most difficult thing I’ve done was learn filtering enable.

6. Yeah, Roblox is making it so people under 13 can’t play it if you weren’t already aware so that’ll be very useful to know. Now, what about you as an animator? What sparked your interested in that?

It all started with those 3D movies. I’ve always wanted to animate some type of show and show it to the world. However my attempts naturally failed so I went to study animators who also had trouble animating and I learned from their mistakes making me a better animator.

7. What is your big goal with animation?

My big goal with animation is to someday make my own animated series

8. Any idea what that’d be about?

Well I want it to be like funny but at the same time I want it to have a plot. Probably a mystery show.

9. What game developers or animators have work that you like?

The movie “Boss Baby” inspired me to continue animating.

10. Interesting. So how do you plan on improving everyday and what would you like to tell other animators?

Well I improve by doing animations I know I’m bad at. I’d tell other animators to keep on practicing even if that means doing something you believe is impossible.

11. What else would you like people to know about you?

Well I join Roblox in 2009 under the account tony2118. However I lost that account so I only have my 2010 account and my dev account. When I first joined Roblox me and my cousin were looking for Lego games and came across Roblox. For the 8 years I’ve been playing I still think it’s a great game. I recommend it to anyone who is starting to develop their own products.

12. I’d also recommend it to people who would like their work seen by a supportive community such as Roblox. Where can people find your work?

My animations are under my YouTube account “M2paint” and you can find my projects inside any of my groups.

GFXMachine Interview

GFXMachine Interview

Thumbnail inspired by “Mars the Game” by JerryDev <>

1. It’s great to have you here, I’d like to thank you for coming. Now, who are you and what do you do on Roblox?

No problem I’ve always wanted to be interviewed here. I’m GFXMachine and I make graphics about roblox; there’s not really something behind it, it’s just a hobby.

2. Who or what inspired you to become a graphic designer?

There’s a lot of people to name, but I’m gonna name just a few; PumpkinWhite, IDontHaveAUse, IX81 and XLR.

3. I see, we actually featured most of them in our magazine. How did you get your start in the graphic effects field?

I started off using Roblox Studio and the results weren’t really that impressive. Then I started using new programs and improved quite a lot. If you’re curious about what I use now, I use Blender and Photoshop. Quick tip for blender users: use cycles render instead, it gives you a much much better result.

4. Yeah, thanks to Blender Guru I learned to use cycles render too. On that topic, how did you get so experienced in Blender and Photoshop?

I watched a bunch of Blender Guru videos and Gleb Alexandrov, they’re both great artists to learn from! For Photoshop, I just watched some videos.

5. Yeah, they really are very experienced artists. How do you come up with such great ideas in your designs?

Thinking, a whole lot of thinking. Heh, if you think long enough you can make up something that’s so brilliant.

6. Ah, that’s true, you can do a lot of things with your mind! Lastly, what would you like to tell other aspiring graphics designers?

To all the other aspiring graphic designers, don’t ever give up, and always believe in yourself.

Thank you so much for your time! Keep being amazing!

No problem and thanks!

To see more of his work, check these sites:

Twitter: GFXMachine

Deviantart: gfxmachinerblx