Komune Media Logo Revamp Contest


Komune is looking for a revamp of our current logo and we want the Roblox graphic design community to help us with that. Test your skills by making our new logo!




1st Place: $10 via Paypal and a feature on Komune Magazine Issue #3

2nd Place: Feature on Komune Magazine Issue #3

3rd Place: Feature on Komune Magazine Issue #3

Last Day: September 2nd, 2017



  1. The logo must be 100% original
  2. Artist and graphic designers are allowed to participate
  3. Logo should be 400 x 400
  4. Multiple submissions are allowed



This is not required, but we’d like a logo that incorporates a globe in some way along with a “K””



Simply tag @KomuneMedia on Twitter with your submissions


Low Poly Graphic Competition Winner

Low Poly Graphic Competition Winner

From June 9th  to June 18th, Komune and KidVeggito held a graphics competition in which participants had to use the aspect of low poly. Based on our rubric and how great this piece of artwork turned out, the winner we chose is punsworld! Along with the $30, you’ll also see yourself in Komune Magazine’s second issue coming out July 1st.

We’d like to give a huge thanks to all the participants and hope this was a learning experience if it wasn’t fun or rewarding in any other way. Komune will have more competitions soon so watch out for us.


Check out all the submissions in this video and leave a comment on the artwork you liked and what competition you would like to us do in the futurehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtSw257eeC4

New Partner: Group Reviews


Hello everyone, I’m here to announce Komune’s newest Partner. Group Reviews. Group Reviews is a sort of old but up and coming community made to review and expose groups of all sizes to the community and give them some light for a change. Our goal is to expand the knowledge of the groups we review and to give you the readers, an insider’s look at what each group is really like.

Though Group Reviews may be small now, we’re doing everything we can, from posting reviews to tweeting out to get as many new members as possible and get ourselves known. We here at Group Reviews would like to thank those at Komune for this amazing opportunity to become partners!

Want to know when Group Reviews posts or when it plans something with Komune? Join their discord or the Komune discord if you haven’t already!

Komune Discord

Group Reviews Discord

Note from TimeValuez: Thank you all once again for making this partnership possible and helping Komune and me through its ups and downs. We all really appreciate the support.

Roblox Low Poly Art Contest

Roblox Low Poly Art Contest

Brought to you by Kidveggito and Komune.

Welcome to the Roblox Low Poly art contest. In this contest, participants will be asked to make a piece of artwork using the aspect of low poly.

Here are some examples by Kidveggito:

Prize: $30 Paypal and a feature in Komune Magazine Issue #2

Deadlines: June 9th – June 18th


1. It must be Roblox related.

2. Must be new artwork. NO re submissions.

3. Must be 2D or 3D art.

4. If you choose to spam affects, they cannot be the majority of the artwork.

Submissions Here:


Note: You have to join the deviantart group to be able to submit