Komune Magazine Issue #2: Cynosure Ubiquitous Interview Sneak Peek

Komune Magazine Issue #2: Cynosure Ubiquitous Interview Sneak Peek

Who is CynosureUbiquitous and what do you do on Roblox?

This name is the combination of two words that will describe me one day. This name is a goal for the future, it drives me to develop my best work and connect with those who can progress my influence in the Roblox community, specifically my fans. I am someone who you can describe as innovative and inventive, both in real life and online. On Roblox I am often a freelance developer, building for people who have contracted me to fulfill their requests. My building experience on Roblox has been accumulated through my trial and error of creating with unions (CSG) and mesh (Inventor and Blender). This experience combined with my creativity has allowed me to make interesting games that blow people away. The fascination that I have of aerospace engineering drives me to create things such as rockets and mars civilizations. This passion combined with the skill I accumulated over the many years that I have been building will allow me to create a game that will be worth the meaning behind my name.

How are you using your interest for aerospace engineering on the Roblox platform?

This interest drives me to create related things on Roblox, such as rockets and exploration based games. Roblox allows me to channel my creativity and interests into a game that people around the world can enjoy. This is apparent in my creation of games such as Martian Stranded and Mars Tycoon. The content of these games expresses my interest in aerospace engineering and the future of human civilization. Roblox allows me to create things such as rockets in a 3D environment, allowing me to research about specific parts of rockets such as the SpaceX Falcon 9 and recreating them.

How long have you been interested in aerospace engineering and what interests you about it? 

I have been interested in aerospace engineering ever since middle school. It started off as an interest in the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency and the months of research I conducted about it. This interest then moved onto Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) and I have been hooked ever since. My research included the origins of SpaceX and NASA, specifically their struggles and triumphs. This curiosity is the reason behind me watching every single SpaceX launch, no matter the time or date. When my classes in school assign me research projects, I pick to research about aerospace engineering without any hesitation. Programs such as NASA’s High School Aerospace Scholars have progressed my knowledge on the true meaning behind NASA and the ground-breaking technologies that they have created in the past and are planning to make in the future. The mystery and my curiosity about it is what interests me in aerospace engineering. I know that if I am involved in the aerospace engineering field I can create something that can change the world in a monumentally positive manner. The future of humankind relies on inventive and innovative people like myself.

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Komune Magazine Issue #2: Empire of Omaegar Exclusive Sneak Peek

Komune Magazine Issue #2: Empire of Omaegar Exclusive Sneak Peek


jesse0135 – Animator;

“I’m jesse0135 and I make animations for EoO. I also sometimes work on lighting. I try to make my animations and lighting as realistic as possible.

BSlick – Audio Designer; 

“Bobby Yarsulik (BSlick), is a composer/producer based out of Kansas, USA. He has 22 years of piano under his belt, as well as 10 years of music production experience. He has his Certification of Recording Arts, and has experience in recording/mixing/mastering audio; all of which come into play in an important way when working on all of his composing projects. He is a new face and doesn’t have a well known name in the Roblox Dev world, but plans to quickly fix that.


SolidBlocks – Owner;

“Hey! What’s up? It’s SolidBlocks, you know, those things you walk on! Just kidding. I’m the owner of this project and the corresponding development group called ‘Universal Development’ (aka. UniDev) and alongside DriftingInTheWind and the developers we’ll make some epic games on ROBLOX!”




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Komune Magazine Issue #2: Aidan x Ian – The Creators of King’s Keep

Komune Magazine Issue #2: Aidan x Ian – The Creators of King’s Keep

1. For those who don’t know who you two are, could you introduce yourselves and what you do?

Ian: I’m Ian, the primary pixel artist, game designer, developer and 50% of Skydevilpalm.

Aidan: The other half is Aidan, the chief creative director, producer and “idea guy”.

2. Developing a game with your brother must work out very well. How is it making games with him?

Ian: Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention our monkey butler, chip chip. Kidding! Wish we had a monkey butler tho.

Ian: It’s awesome to be working with someone like your brother, since we both had the same upbringing, our minds are very alike and we’re able to bounce ideas and concepts off of each other very easily. But when we disagree on something, things can get violent. Haha.

3. So how long have you guys been making games? That and how many games have you actually made?

Ian: We’ve been officially making games for a little over a year now, but for a few years before that we were making levels and our own small games using the level editor in Little Big Planet. We’re currently working on our debut game King’s Keep, which we started back in November of 2016.

Little Big Planet is where I got my start with making pixel art, designing levels and making game logic. We were pretty active in . . .

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Komune Magazine Issue #2: Asimo x Badcc Interview Sneak Peek

Komune Magazine Issue #2: Asimo x Badcc Interview Sneak Peek

Header by EvilArtist

1) Could you guys introduce yourselves?

asimo3089: I’m asimo3089, I’ve been on Roblox for around nine years now and I’ve always been into building. It was the first thing I tried out when installing Roblox!

badcc: Hi, I’m badcc, I programmed both Volt and Jailbreak. I joined Roblox in January of 2009, and picked up scripting quickly after joining

2) Great, so you guys have been on the site for quite a while. When did you, badcc, decide to start scripting? When did you asimo3089, decide to start building?

badcc: Within the first year for sure, I don’t know when. I found some tycoon kit and discovered I could make my money like infinite and I was hooked. It felt so powerful, and I’ve loved it ever since

asimo3089: I began building before I played a game on Roblox. I started out with minigames and physically simulated coasters. I eventually moved to Showcase building which helped me a ton at getting good at building. I’ve always loved making stuff.

3) I think it’s great that two talented people linked up because not only is it easier to communicate, you guys work pretty fast considering the weekly updates for Jailbreak as of now. Before we get into that though, how did you guys meet and how do you work together to get things done?

asimo3089: We met years ago with me. . .

Talk about a cliffhanger.

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Komune Magazine Issue #2: Art Review Sneak Peek

Komune Magazine Issue #2: Art Review Sneak Peek

Art by Asasthene


This is an interesting image. Although I like the scene layout, there are a couple of issues regarding the scene lighting.

The shadows are correctly cast, and the lighting affects the impressive materials which have been added to the helmet correctly.

My issue here is the right-hand side of the helmet, which seems to have noisier/grainier light bounces. This could have been smoothened out it a post-editing application or configured inside the rendering program. This should have been a prioritised fix because lighting seems fundamental within this render; meaning that any faults would cause a mass reduction in the overall image quality.

Another matter of concern is. . .

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