Komune Magazine Issue #2: Cynosure Ubiquitous Interview Sneak Peek

Who is CynosureUbiquitous and what do you do on Roblox? This name is the combination of two words that will describe me one day. This name is a goal for the future, it drives me to develop my best work and connect with those who can progress my influence in the Roblox community, specifically my […]

Komune Magazine Issue #2: Empire of Omaegar Exclusive Sneak Peek

Developers: jesse0135 – Animator; “I’m jesse0135 and I make animations for EoO. I also sometimes work on lighting. I try to make my animations and lighting as realistic as possible. “BSlick – Audio Designer;  “Bobby Yarsulik (BSlick), is a composer/producer based out of Kansas, USA. He has 22 years of piano under his belt, as well […]

Komune Magazine Issue #2: Aidan x Ian – The Creators of King’s Keep

1. For those who don’t know who you two are, could you introduce yourselves and what you do? Ian: I’m Ian, the primary pixel artist, game designer, developer and 50% of Skydevilpalm. Aidan: The other half is Aidan, the chief creative director, producer and “idea guy”. 2. Developing a game with your brother must work out very […]