The History of Roblox

Roblox is a brilliant place for game developers and players alike to have fun. It has hundreds of thousands of games and millions of players. But how did this happen?


Roblox is an online gaming platform that was developed by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 which was then released in 2006. But it all started way before that.


In August 1989, David Baszucki started a company. The company was called Knowledge Revolution and the company concentrated on educational physics and mechanical software. It was there that David wrote a general-purpose physics simulator called “Interactive Physics”. He was the president of this company until December 1998. During his time at this company, he employed people to help him. His first employee was Erik Cassel.


Knowledge Revolution was bought for $20 million in 1999 by a company called MSC Software Corporation. David served as vice-president of this company until he left to create Roblox in 2004 with Erik. They were then joined by other employees of MSC Software Corporation.


When they first made Roblox, the URL was changed quite a lot. The first URL they used was which they bought December 2nd, 2003. It was then changed shortly after to on December 12th, 2003. This URL lasted up until January 30th, 2004. After a lot of change, they named it Roblox in 2005 and it has been called that since.


Now let’s move on to what you can expect from Roblox. Roblox has hundreds of thousands of user-created games. These games come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are massive first-person shooter games while others are roleplay games.


Some of the most iconic games on Roblox are Work at a Pizza Place, Phantom Forces, Jailbreak, MeepCity, Counter Blox: Roblox Offensive, Apocalypse Rising and the now taken down Pokemon Brick Bronze. There are also many other incredible and mind-blowing games out there that are amazing as well.  


The first currency that Roblox used was called Roblox points. These points were given as a daily login bonus or for playing minigames. This was later changed to Robux on 14th May 2007. Some other features added in 2007 were private messaging, search bar, tickets, Builders Club and character customizations.


On February 11th, 2013, Erik Cassel passed away after a battle with cancer.


On March 15th, 2016, David Baszucki announced that tickets would be discontinued after thirty days. During these 30 days, items that could on be bought with tickets were released. Tickets were removed on April 14th, 2016. At the same time, the feature which allows you to trade the two currencies was also removed.


Roblox has held contests, tournaments, egg hunts, conventions and other events regularly since 2007 and the frequency of events has increased over the years as Roblox has become more known, and thus sponsored more.


Since 2011, Roblox has hosted conventions in multiple cities. This was a chance for developers and players to meet up with the Roblox staff, view demonstrations and participate in activities such as the game jam that was held at the 2017 convention in London.


The first convention was held in San Francisco in California on August 1sh 2011. It was called the Roblox Rally 2011. Players who attended the event got given a free lunch as well as a poster, a t-shirt, a water bottle, and a lanyard.


The purpose of the conference was for players to meet up with each other and discuss Roblox, ask questions to the Roblox staff and find out about future updates to the game. One of the most notorious updates that was discussed at Roblox Rally 2011 was the new Roblox terrain.


Tickets were sold for $10 and participants who were under the age of 12 had to attend with someone over the age of 16.


In 2017, there were two locations and dates for Roblox Developers Conference (referred to as RDC) 2017. The first conference happened in San Jose, between July 21 and July 23. It allowed creators to learn about the fundamentals of game development including design and monetization. The second conference happened at the Youtube Space London in the UK from August 4th to August 6th. There were informative sessions, a gaming tournament and a Game Jam session where participants had to team up with other creators to build a game in a limited amount of time.

5th Annual Bloxy Awards

5th Annual Bloxy Awards

The 5th Annual Bloxy Awards are now on sale here. The theater is made special every year by a group chosen by Roblox. This year that group was Nocturne Entertainment. The four developers in Nocturne are; Fractality, StuntDesigner, BAUER102, and Ravenshield. The last developer of Nocturne is the owner of Nocturne DieSoft.

The theatre will hold over 5000 Robloxians and is the biggest theatre ever used for the Bloxy Awards with tickets pricing ranging from 500 R$ to and exorbitant 50,000 R$. The seats are priced based on location, with more expensive seats being “better quality” as judged by Nocturne.

There will be a live red carpet event for the Bloxys live on Friday, February 16th at 3 PM Pacific Standard Time. The Bloxys themselves will air live on Saturday, February 17th, at 12 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Apocalypse Rising 2: The Rundown

Apocalypse Rising 2: The Rundown

So we’ve all heard by now, Apocalypse Rising 2 (AR2) released into paid early alpha for 1,000 robux, on August 4th this past Friday, I (rabitwarior2), bought access and I’m here to tell you about the game, and my take on it.

My first thoughts when I joined AR2 we’re admittedly a little disappointing, the menu is VERY unfinished.
The only thing that really actually has anything of value is the “play” button, the “creator” “settings” and “credits” menus that you scroll through with Q&E are all empty.

Upon hitting the play button is where it turned around, I spawned in on a small very smooth hill, looking at a silo, and my first thoughts were, “holy crap, it’s beautiful moment of silent awe.”
(the following image is not from my first look, it’s just example scenery) AR2Scenery.png

Then I got into the actual game-play and it was mostly downhill from there due to bugs and missing game-play elements. one of the first things I noticed after I stopped enjoying the scenery, was that the health, hunger, and thirst bars were all broken (although this has since been fixed) making everybody essentially god mode-ed, this game breaking bug was fixed relatively quickly. The next negative factor I noticed, was with the ungodly lag of the computer I was using, I was able to easily dupe anything, I found one box of 9 mm rounds, and made it into nine. Also with two players there’s a well known duping method that is fast and easy, making duping an issue in general that will need to be fixed. After this I quickly noticed a lot of other things that weren’t implemented yet or were broken such as fall damage, I jumped off a tall silo and took no damage. Then there’s the “containers” that are supposed to hold loot for dead players, those are confirmed broken by gusmanak, so body looting doesn’t work. Then there’s the infamous door bug every AR2 player has quickly become frustrated with, essentially is makes it so you can no longer open and close doors client side, yet the server side door is still effected, personally this is the most annoying as it makes the game pretty much impossible to play, since you can no longer go into buildings for loot.

Overall right now I’d say Alpha should only be for those who are willing to tolerate the bugs, or are long time AR vets who understand and love the game, this is not something you want to try if you’re not already familiar with the AR mechanics, or are tight on robux, overall I’m rather disappointed in Gusmanak, I would rather have had another week of delay and have the door bug gone and the core mechanics actually working. CURRENTLY, I’d rate the AR2 Alpha at 2/5 stars, it would get a higher rating except for the fact that this is a year of development with a roughly 5 person team. For the amount of game breaking bugs in the game right now I would say except for the true AR fans it’s not worth the 1,000 robux YET.

Once the game improves naturally my opinion of it will as well, I’m looking forward to the finished product.

-Note from Komune: Once AR2 is running smoother we’ll release an AR2 guidebook in a bonus “mini-magazine”, in this guidebook will be the location of the SECRET BUNKER that is location somewhere on the map. For those of you who think you already know about this bunker and are saying “but everybody knows about that, it’s at the lighthouse.”, no it’s not, there’s a second bunker hidden somewhere on the map originally discovered by me (rabitwarior2) and we’re going to show you where it is in the guidebook.

Jailbreak Reaches 80,000 Concurrent Players

Jailbreak Reaches 80,000 Concurrent Players

Header by @fedoragfx

Today @badcc reports that Jailbreak has surpassed their previous record of 75,000 concurrent players by 5,000. The game continues to grow bigger and bigger as YouTubers and the Roblox community play and support the game. This is most likely due to them taking game update suggestions, on their trello, from the community and implementing them on a weekly basis. Let’s see what they can accomplish by the end of the year.