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Art Review: Freefall

  I like the depth of field used in this image. It forces focus onto the falling “noob.” I also like the use of background. The models are well done […]

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Art Review: Eternal

Firstly, I’d like to compliment the artist for use of grass. That is something often missing in even the higher class renders. I must also compliment the model work used […]

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New Partner: Group Reviews

  Hello everyone, I’m here to announce Komune’s newest Partner. Group Reviews. Group Reviews is a sort of old but up and coming community made to review and expose groups of all sizes to the community and give them some light for a change. Our goal is to expand the knowledge of the groups we review and to give you […]

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KidVeggito Interview

1. Could you tell us what do you do in or for the Roblox community? I do giveaways, host contests, make fanart, and post free character renders for people to use. I also make Roblox art tutorials on my YouTube channel. I’ve helped a lot of people out too. 2. What inspired you to start animating and graphic designing? Back […]

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Zaytones’s Interview

1. What do you do on Roblox, for those who don’t know who you are. I generally manage cafes, salons, or groups that are around those lines, or at least I use to. I love to build in my spare time and I’ve made a lot of robux for my groups that way. I now generally LMaD (Let’s Make a […]