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How to: Article 1 “Success to a great group”

How To Article 1: Success to a great group      Welcome, today I’ll be speaking about a popular request from some of you in the community. First I should introduce myself, I am TimeValuez. Community Expert and writer at Komune.      This article is all about creating a Successful group. There are many different groups and ideas floating around […]

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Game Update Coverage: The Arcade Arrives

           May 12th, another Pokemon Brick Bronze update, this time it’s the long awaited Golden Pokeball Arcade in Anthian City. Currently there are five games in the arcade with more planned to be released, these include; Alolan Adventure, Whack-A-Diglett, Po-Skee-Ball, Hammer Arm, and Quaza Candy.            Each game earns you Tix, the […]