Illogical Studios

Illogical Studios

“We are developers that are motivated and dedicated to bringing quality games to Roblox.” 

Illogical Studios is a game development group on Roblox owned by molegul. They want to show the creative talent of every member of the group by creating new worlds in their games.


ROBLOX Developers

“Sharing creations made for the community, by the community.”

AspireRBXDev is a Twitter account now owned by Elias (The_Frame) and with almost 10,000 followers, they share the creations of Roblox developers to a large audience. Their contributing to the community in a big way by giving them a platform on Twitter and Discord to help smaller developers gain more exposure.



“A development team.”

Interforce is a Roblox game development group founded by Younite and Elias (TheFrame_). The group is a merger between PTB Studios, the Flight! team and Moth Studios. It includes developers who are multi-talented and play a role in each aspect of game design.


Bundle Comics


“Enjoy the story.”

Bundle comics is a Roblox Comic/Graphic Novel publishing company founded by chillybagpiper. Their mission is to release quality content to the Roblox community.


Dynamic Baseball League

[DBL] Dynamic Baseball League

“We are the largest next generation baseball league on Roblox”

The Dynamic Baseball League (DBL) is a Roblox baseball league recruiting athletes across the ro-sports community to compete against each other. The league is owned by charlieandboomer.




“We create RPG’s mainly revolved around our own sites.”

Kaji Entertainment is a game development group by CaptainMMO. They hope to release quality RPG’s for the Roblox quality to play and enjoy.