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Ultra Sun and Moon Review and In Depth Look.

author image by rabitwarior2 | Game Hub Game News Game Reviews | 1 Comment | 25 Nov 2017

Komune Media: Ultra Sun and Moon review. Written by: rabitwarior2    Primary Editor: rabitwarior2 Secondary editor: Officially_MrDev Written and Published: 11/24/17 A week ago today Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon came out for the Nintendo 3DS system of families, I…

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author image by officiallymrdev | Blog Business Developers Tutorials | 0 Comments | 19 Nov 2017

Imagine this. There are two Roblox game development groups. The owners of the groups are both trying to hire one builder so that they can focus on scripting and not building. Both of the groups get 1 application. The application…

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An Introduction to Python

author image by officiallymrdev | Tutorials | 0 Comments | 16 Sep 2017

Python is a high-level (human-readable) programming language that is processed by the Python interpreter (console) to produce a result. Python includes an extensive standard library of tested code modules that can be easily incorporated into your own programs. The Python…

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