Terms and Agreements

Contact PyroTheFast before any purchases!

When purchasing a sponsorship:

  • You are sponsoring our mission in creating enjoyable content to highlight and connect the artist, game developers and influencers of the gaming community.
  • If you purchase this item, you are agreeing to waiting as long as it takes for the benefits to actually be ready so that you can get them.

When purchasing ad space for “Komune Magazine:”

  • You must purchase two weeks prior to the release of the magazine you’d like to be on or there will be a chance that it will be featured in the next issue.
  • In the case that we can’t add your magazine to the issue prior to your purchase and any issue in the future, you’ll have 30 days to request for a partial refund. You’ll get the same amount of money we received after taxes (For example: If you request a refund after purchasing  the ad space of R$3500 and we receive R$1,750, you’ll get R$1,750 back.

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